Miss Him

Hai....okey..frankly, i still like my (ex) bestfwen. But he's with another girl now. I regret about everything! EVERYTHING! He likes me once, last year. I'm completely confused at that time. I did not pay much attention 2 him. He's only a bestfwen to me....I only hoped for emer...

Then, as day pasts, i started to like him. I thought he still likes me. But now it's history... He's..with...someone...else....

I felt like wanna scream when Serra told me everything. Such a crush! Like David Archuletta said "Do u ever feel? When u're all alone....all that we could be as this thing could go..?"

Hmm.....It's an awfull regret!

When one door closes
Another opens
We only wait for the close ones to open
But when the open doors
Shut close
We will regret upon the close door
That once opened
4 us....

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