Party Checklist

My friend Adrine is throwing a party at her house sempena sambutan ulang tahun adik dia, Amanie.
The theme is Pink n White. I dont hev Pink n White clothes so mummy aq belikan baju utk aq dkt Applemints. Quite nice I think. So...ini checklist supaya aq x tinggalkan ape2.

1. Pink n White Applemint outfit
- check!

2. Voir jeans
- check!

3. pink handbag
- check!

4. Birthday gift
-double check!

hmm...what else eh? i tink itu jer...Gosh! Aq forgot nk tanye party to start kol berape...Hmm...later aq tanye lar...

Nanti ada pertandingan singing. Aq nk masuk! Yeah! Then, Bintang Kecil nak datang.
(Patutlar kene pakai baju pink....) I tink it's gonna be the best party ever! simply can't wait....

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