Bad Hair Day

I’m having a very bad hair day,                                             
My hair simply looks such  a sight!
It sticks up in spokes, all over the place,
It won’t do anything right!

Oh, what can I do with my horrible hair,
How can I make it behave?

I’m off to a party tomorrow,       
It’s going to be quite a big rave!

How can I go with my hair in this state?
It is such a terrible mess,
And to think that I’ve bought some new shoes,
And a hugely expensive new dress!

I know what I’ll do! I’ve got a good plan.
I won’t go and sulk in my bed.
I’ll invent a new fashion, I’ll be really cool,
I’ll just wear a cat on my head!                                                                                                                   


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silalah komen :)

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