The Green Hornet

Best ke cerita ni ? My blog friend dia kata cerita ni best sangat ! Best yang melucukan gituh...
Tapi aku dengar tajuk dia macam skema je tu yang aku tak layan cerita ni dekat panggung.

Oh ! A'ah lah ! Hornet is a car rite ? I google about this film and it says here that ""Are they trying to be ironic?" you may wonder - long before it's clear that this derivative outing has no intention of honoring the company name. 

After all, "The Green Hornet" - about a masked vigilante who is a newspaper publisher by day - was a radio series in the 1930s, a film serial in the 1940s and, for one season beginning in 1966, a television series. 

And the concept of a big-screen version has bounced around the movie biz since the late 1990s, cresting with indie maverick Kevin Smith's desire to give it a go in 2004 - and then waning until this project, written by star Seth Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg. "

Faham tak ? That means the title and cerita green hornet tu dah digunakan sejak berkurun lamanya. 
Radio series in 1930s ? A film serial in da middle of 40s ? One season television series ? Okeylah. 
AKu tak nak tengok cerita nih XD 


  1. salam..hawiz dtg follow u back..toche2..hihi..
    best ker green hornet?

  2. hehe tk pernah tgok lgi citer nih.

  3. aritu nk tgk cite the green honet, last2 pilih shaolin..hahha
    nxt time nk tgk la the green honet tu :p

  4. dun judge a movies by its title


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